T.G.O.T.G. Lethal League Blaze Tournament #1

  • 78 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Lethal League Blaze
  • 2018年 November月 24日 2:00 PM EST
  • Check in at 已关闭
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Please make sure you read though the whole description of the tournament by clicking "Show Full Description".

Also make sure to visit this bracket page before the tournament starts to check-in, or you will be taken off the bracket when the tourney goes live!

Welcome to the TG's Occasional Tourney Group's first tournament for Lethal League: Blaze! This is a 1v1, double elimination tournament. Bracket matches are best of 3. Winners final, losers final, and grand finals are all best of 5. The top 3 players will win Megabyte Punch steam keys.


Stocks: *5*

Time: *5:00*

Energy: 4

Use HP: On

Min Speed: 8

Powerups: *Off*

*Non-default setting.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in the match being void. Please make sure if you're the one hosting the lobby you have the correct settings in place before beginning.


Participants will be asked to use the steam group's chat room, which you can join via the group's main page. Just click the "Enter chat room" button on the right. Once you're in the chat, you can join anybody's open game by right mouse clicking their avatar and click "Join game" without having to friend them.

Please make sure your Steam name matches the Challenge name you've registered the tournament with. If you've signed up and want to change your name without unregistered from the tournament, you can by clicking on the GO TO YOUR SETTINGS button above.


Players may pick any character they wish to play for the opening game of a set. Afterwards, the winner of the previous game is locked to the character they chose the previous game, and the loser is free to change which character they play. In this case, "Random" is considered its own character - if you chose random game one and you win, you must choose random again in game two.


Players can either gentleman's agreement on a specific stage, or vote random. However, if one player wishes to strike stages, the other player must comply with their request.

Players stage strike initially by having the top player in the bracket ban one stage. Then the second player bans two stages, then player one bans two stages, and this process repeats with each player banning two stages until one is left. After subsequent games, the winner of the last match bans one stage, and the loser picks a stage from the remaining lot.

For more information on TG's Occasional Tournament Group, how to join tournaments hosted by the group, and to learn how to find your upcoming match, you can view this discussion post.


冠军: Daioutzu
有价值对手: Spigils
下次再说: Gentle


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